The Fisherman’s Wife–Animation Summary

In this animated retelling of the fisherman’s wife, Harold Schmuck is the main character.  Harold is a very passive man who does not like to argue or start any kind of conflict with others.  He leaves well enough alone.  It is this trait of his that makes him an easy target for his wife, Ilsebille’s anger.  She is never satisfied or happy with anything or anyone.  She takes out all of her frustrations on poor Harold who just takes it all in and lets it fall off of him.  He is a fisherman by trade but he also goes fishing often to escape his wife’s constant negativity and nagging.  One day when he is fishing, he catches a tiny golden mermaid who can talk.  He lets her go back into the sea since he has no interest in keeping her as one of his catch.  She is a rarity after all, Harold reasons to himself.  He goes home believing that maybe his wife might find some joy in his discovery.  Instead, she asks him to ask the mermaid for a better living area rather than having just let her go without repaying him for his kindness.  So this cycle of asking for more continues—each time Harold goes to the sea, the weather gets worse and worse.  Ilsebille has Harold ask for a cottage, then a castle and for her to become king, then she wants to be an emperor, then she wants to become pope.  Since Ilsebille is never satisfied and always hungry for me, she finally wants to become like God—able to make the sun rise and set.  When Harold goes to ask for this—there is a horrible hurricane brewing at the sea.  The golden mermaid, instead of giving Ilsebille her wish to become like God, returns everything back to normal.  Harold is relieved but he is also frightened to go back to receive the wrath from his wife.  When he returns, he finds Ilsebille distraught and unhappy for having her high status returned back to the bottom as a peasant.  Harold does what he always does, tries to comfort her and tries to make her see the joys of their original life together.  Ilsebille finally begins to see what she missed before; she has a kind and wonderful husband by her side.  Through this experience, their relationship matures and gets better and Ilsebille learns a valuable lesson; to be grateful for what she already had.

Marissa & Fiona

One day, Marissa was walking in the woods.  She was climbing down a steep ledge and she fell.  Marissa was knocked unconscious for a while.  When she awoke, she saw before her the mystical blue swan.  This is a mythical creature from legends she had heard as a child.  At first, she didn’t believe her eyes but then the swan let her touch her feathers and she was sure the swan was real.  Marissa realized that the swan had kept her company and protected her while she was unconscious.  So from then on the swan would appear to her whenever she was in the woods or near the lake and they would keep each other company.  Marissa called her Fiona.  Then few years later, Marissa met up with Fiona near the lake and laying in front of Fiona was a huge fan that resembled the feathers of a peacock.  It was a gift from Fiona to Marissa and Marissa soon found out that it was a magical fan.  This fan could become small and fit into any sized pocket and just waving it could make her fly into the air and take her to wherever she wished to go.  Since Marissa had always been interested in magic, she became a magician but when she got the magical fan from Fiona–it just made her life much more interesting.